FRA2000 - Frequency Response Analyzer


Technical Features:
  • Digital Sine Correlation to remove Harmonics for accurate measurements
  • Programmable Integration (Sampling) Time will allow measurement of micro-ohm signals buried under noise without the need for auxiliary equipment
  • Simultaneous V/I measurement to ensure exact impedance and phase information
  • DDS Sine-wave generation, yielding frequency errors less than 0.02 Hz
  • Floating Dual Independent Signal Analyzers provide single channel impedance measurements or dual channels to measure transfer functions, transconductance, impedance, signal analysis (FRA) data and other important parameters in polar/rectangular format
  • User-friendly features include: auto-gain, quick-set ac amplitude, signal overload (signal saturation) protection, and adjustable sample interval without the complicated calculations. The above features allow the user to start measuring impedance without hassles.
  • Auto-Gain Control and flexible ranges for measuring small signals in noisy environments with 1μV sensitivity while maximizing resolution and precision to obtain an accurate measurement
  • Universal ac + dc output signals critical for Impedance Measurement/AC Modulation applications in the battery/fuel cell/electronic components & devices R&D, Testing and Production sectors
  • GPIB/RS-232 and USB/Ethernet provide state-of-the-art connectivity while satisfying diverse throughput/network security requirements
  • System-level Multi-channel Impedance Measurement can be achieved using the integrated MCU-1 capability and a switch matrix
  • Impedance Measurement Application Program Included to save costs associated with existing expensive Impedance Measurement Software
  • Comprehensive application program with premium features - Nyquist, Bode, V/I, real-time display of impedance measurements & operating conditions, frequency sweeps with adjustable amplitude in log/linear form & auto-save for logged data to establish Autologic's FRA as the ultimate diagnostic tool
  • 0.1Hz Models Available

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