BA800 - Battery Impedance Analyzer

BA800 - Battery Impedance Analyzer.pdf

The internal impedance of battery reflects its health condition. Higher impedance reduces the maximum output current as well as the capacity. BA800 Battery Impedance Analyzer offers an accurate and easy to configure test of battery impedance. With built-in FRA (Frequency Response Analyzer) and DC electronic load, BA800 performs EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) measurement to give the whole picture of battery impedance.


  • Built-in 200W DC electronic load up to 3A test current
  • Simple 4-wire connection to the battery for accurate measurement
  • Perform battery cell or string test up to 80V
  • Simultaneous V/I measurement to ensure exact impedance and phase information
  • Measurements of resistance R, reactance X, impedance Z, phase angle θ, capacitance C, inductance L, quality factor Q and dissipation factor D
  • Bundled software for frequency sweep of Nyquest plot
  • USB, GPIB, and LAN connectivity

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